Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bye Bye Bad D

It's been 3 weeks and my Little Wina will always have D (diarrhea) everytimes when she comes back from school. I keep wondering what she has been eating at school, or she had some problem at school since this is her first year there.Was it the milk, uncomfortable feeling or she's afraid of her new environment. Then I suddenly remembered that when she was an infant, when i gave her this X brand of milk, she will definitely have the D for over a week. Then we decided to change her formula to E brand. And guess what? The D has gone ever since. So, this morning, I went to her school and gave her E brand formula to the teacher. Walaupun malu (ya lah, nampak macam mengada-ngada lebih), but for the sake of my Little Wina gagahkan jugak mintak tolong Cikgu supaya bancuh asing air dia kat sekolah. Luckily her sister, Wani tak dak apa -apa masalah.

Next year, Wina will be attending the school alone since her sister InshaAllah akan masuk Darjah Satu. She will have to stand on her own. Learn to do all things by herself. No more help from kakak at school. But I'm pretty sure she's gonna be alright. Lagipun she's my girl kan. I know she can do it.

Need to stop right now. Need to finish semua household chores before my two Little Girls got back from school. Nanti nak itulah, nak inilah, nak ZZ, nak Susu, nak nyam nyam, nak nak....hish sampai kering aku. Before i forgot, Please check out our blogshop (me and my cuz). We have reduced the price to clear up everything yg ada kat dalam stok. Murah ja. Hehe. Ok tata.

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