Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm not a WonderWoman, I am a Mother

My Little Wina had a bad ear infection. The doctor (ENT Specialist Dr) suggested that a minor operation should be done since this is her second time having that same condition. A small tube had been inserted into her ear while she was dozed off and it's kinda creepy when thinking about it because she's just 4 years old. If the Docs said it's the best for her, who am I to argue with such an expert in his field. I'm just a mother like everybody out there that's trying my very best in everything that I do for my beloved family.

Everybody make mistakes. I'm just a plain and ordinary mummy with no superpower and sometimes it is beyond my control should anything happened to my precious kids. Put the blame on me. I don't mind at all. Say that it's all my fault. Yes, it's my fault. But please don't say that I don't Love my kids. They're my everything. My all. It hurts me a lot. I have feelings too. To this person, that person, I just want to tell ya'll that I love my family so much. My kids are my responsibilities. You are always welcome to give advice and helpful tips and thoughts but please don't forget that I AM THEIR MOTHER, MOMMY, MAMA, MAK for my  precious kids.

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