Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's been forever....

It's been a while.... Been spending most of my free time doing few of the  most calming and relaxing activities. I've been sewing, gardening, spending time with my kids and hanging out the whole day for the past few weeks, every weekend with my CP. We have quails, rabbits, turkeys and chickens around the house to take care of. But of course I'll only supervise and deals with the rabbits. My CP is so so excited with his small garden. He is now busy growing corn, tomato, mustard green aka sawi and chili. There are also few roselle plants and mulberry trees around the house. Dah macam semak samun dah rumah ni.

I've just finished sewing my second tote bag. I'm so so so happy, happy and happy. Though it's a bit tiring sebab kena juggle between tengok anak and menjahit, I managed to finished it sekejap saja. Oklah. I'm off now. Kerja kerja mengemas rumah tak selesai lagi. Tata. till then....babai.

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