Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Sweet Candy

She's now 11 months old. Walking steadily and now, at the phase of learning how to run. I cant remember when is the last time i had the best sleep ever for the past 11 months. Non I guess.

Little Aiman macam biasa. Lots of ideas in his head. Ni nak buat. Itu nak buat. This 5 years old boy just had his birthday and still waiting for his favorite cake from SR. Tunggu ya Aiman.

Little Wina is now 7 years old and she is so thin! Makan banyak gila but still tak boleh gain weight. Shes a very active girl and loves to dance. Pening aku tengok. Spinning like  apa ntah all over the house sampai berpeluh peluh. Shes my good girl.

Kakak Wani is still on medication. Hopefully, after 3 months she wont have to use that thing anymore. Semoga dia lebih sihat dan ceria macam kanak lain. Wani Wani. Sekejap ja masa berlalu. Shes now 9 years old and sooner akan jadi remaja pulak.

 I love my Cp, I love my kids, i love my life I'm living right now. There's no way I'm going to trade for what I have with something else.