Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am so sorry dear xxxx...

Assalam. Its been a while since my last entry. Berehat. At this point, all I need is a real life, normal life without any drama.

Dear you, its not my problem if you think you are an idiot. I never called you stupid. Oh please. Why would I? And we never had any argument kan? Not even a teeny weeny fight! I am so sorry that you have to feel that way. So sorry.

By the way, my Cp paid for everything. I am just a housewife. I do not pay my own bills.From top to toe, not a single cents is coming from my wallet. Eh, i ada wallet ka? Kita cuma hidup ikut kemampuan. Ada duit, kita beli. Thats it. Whats your problem?Even it is a cheap shoe or a cheap baju, thats duit hasil titik peluh Cp. What do you know? Why do you care? I dont care what you think of me. Titik.