Friday, June 28, 2013

Too much of everything?

Aiyoo. I am having a problem to sleep. Too much of nasi lemak and roti tissue and spagetti lah. I was fasting today and Cp brought back two box of spagetti. Then after that, we went out to Roti Canai Cikgu since the kids nak makan roti tissue. Balik rumah, terus rasa loya. Oh boy! Aku baca Bismillah ka dak tadi? Hehe.

Cp was so into that 'past thing'. I told him to stop but since hes the Boss, so i am gonna have to let him do what he want. Hissh. Esok Cp tak cuti. Me and the kids are just going to stay at home. So, there goes my impian for tapai at Pasar Tani Tanah Merah. Perhaps next week. Tu lah, bawak kereta tak reti. Kan susah.

Ok. Mata sudah pedih. I should try to sleep. Esok Cp nak gerak awal. Nite nite.