Monday, November 5, 2012

Butter cake vs Chocolate cake.

Buttercake has always been my all time favorite cake. The kids, on the other hand prefer chocolate cake rather than plain buttercake. Selera berbeza. When we got back to Kedah for raya haji, my sister in law baked a huge chocolate cake. The kids tak habis habis puji sedap, delicious, wow and macam macam lagi bagi pujian. Judging from that, I knew I have to bake a chocolate cake for them. It's like, mummy pun boleh buat tau.

Same goes with Plant vs Zombie. The kids idol is my brother, Sob. Oh, selalu sangat dah dengaq depa bercakap about how good their pak ndak was masa main Plant vs Zombie. Eh kanak kanak, mummy pun hebat tau. I've finished all the levels in the game to prove that I am hebat jugak just like their pak ndak or maybe better? Hahaha.

Remember kids, Persaingan sihat itu bagus, dengki itu tidak bagus.

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