Thursday, November 20, 2014

All I need is Cp, Sehelai selimut dan secawan kopi untuk seharian hujan.

Hello blog,
Tomorrow is Friday! Seronok seronok seronok. School holiday starts tomorrow. Cp is also not working on Friday. Well,, nothing much we can do at home. Hey, its Monsoon Season. Semua orang duduk rumah senyap senyap. Sejuk dan asyik nak baring atas katil sambil tarik blanket gebu. A very good day to cuddle up with  your loved one while enjoying the sound of the raindrops from the rooftop. Ahhhh. Dan jugak secawan kopi pulak tu. Hmmmm.

Good news is baju selambak. Time nilah I was dreaming that we have a nice dryer yang big enough to accomodate the laundry piles T_____T. It took two days for the clothes untuk betul betul kering. I'm gonna have to ask the children not to change their baju macam hari hari biasa yang tak hujan. Den nak pengsan.

Oh wait. It's month end week. Monthly groceries shopping lah. Esok probably we have to head to Tesco. I'm gonna try to stick to my LIST. Kenaikan harga barang sedikit sebanyak memang membuatkan me and CP have to reevaluate our shopping LIST. Which goods should be ditched, which yang we have to maintain and which goods that can be substituted with other goods yang lower price. Gaaaaaa.

Ok blog. I guess I have to stop now. Encik Amin is crying. Probably he is wet and uncomfortable in his diaper. Supermak Mommy to the rescue. Here I come. Swooooosh.........

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