Thursday, November 27, 2014

The day that I met YOU.

Pertama kali I noticed him was when I was in Part 2. We took the same course, but we didn't have any chance of bumping into each other since me and him was in a different group or class. One thing that remind me of that time was, his HAIR. Macam iklan shampoo. Then, in Part 5, we were in the same class. It was kelas Wan Z. He was a good friend to Mr D and Mr D and I agak baik jugak at that time. Mr D and him will usually sits behind me and Kak Nora in that class. Well, non of us in the class suka tukar tempat duduk pun. Eventhough we were in the same class and he was sitting right behind me, we never talked. I would turn around and talk to Mr D and he was like busy doing something else everytime I look back to talk to Mr D.

But then, its fasting month. Me and Kak Nora headed to Kangar. Saja seronok seronok nak buka puasa kat KFC konon kononnya, Kat Kangar, we bumped into Muz and a few friends. Nak dekat bukak puasa dah at that time. And suddenly, Mr D and him muncul with  a junior out of nowhere. Since semua satu course, we decided untuk berbuka puasa beramai ramai. He was sitting far away from me. We didn't talked to each other. Sibuk sembang dengan orang kiri kanan ja.

And then, ada la few friends nak balik kampung on that night. So, all of us, pergi ke Stesen Bas Kangar yang seberang jalan ja dari tempat makan tu untuk say goodbye. Then, tinggal me, Kak Nora, Mr D and him. We decided to take a cab untuk balik ke UiTM. Student besa la. Kena berjimat. On our way ke Stesen tu, singgah jap kat The Store(wujud lagi ke entah). Jalan sana sini sebelum sampai ke Stesen Bas lagi satu yang ada cab services.I remember clearly that he was so not in the mood and senyap banyak. Me, Kak Nora and Mr D sembang pang pung pang. Then, sampai kat kampus, we all say goodbye and kita pun balik la tempat masing masing.

A week later, Mr D called me. He told me that they wanted to buy a kettle in Alor Setar. WTFunnn. Since Alor Setar is my hometown, I said Ok. So, again all four of us went to Pacific to buy this one, JUST one kettle yang orang tu nak. Then we go home. After that, we started to talked to each other. Since I was living off the campus, while he was in the campus, we didn't have much opportunity to jumpa tiba tiba dalam kampus unless ada class. Itupun kalau kelas combined. Baru jumpa. But him, he was a big fan of Roti Canai, hawker food and laicikang. Semua tu takda kat gerai dalam kampus. Bila dia keluar, kadang kadang he would give me a call and invite me to join him. Usually akan ada Kak Nora with me or sometimes ada En A or sapa sapa with him.

One night, balik from makan, he told me ' Aku suka kat hang'. I just looked at him. I didn't laugh. I just stood there.

On 14th February, he gave me one beautiful card. The most beautiful card I have ever had. A white card with the loveliest and the sweetest message that I have ever read. I was so thrilled and happy at the same time. If I have a pair of wings, I will definitely fly up high to the sky. Heeeee.

'I just want to say that I am in love with you, and I hope that you feel the same way too.......'

Words cant describe how I felt at that moment. I feel the same way too.

And now, here we are. With five lovely kids, and still he was the sweetest, the bravest and the best of all the best man that I could ever dreamed of. There will always be ups and down, better and worse, good or bad, ribut atau angin kencang, but I know I can always count on him because I know he loves me. He will always loves me. And I love you too CP.


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