Monday, December 24, 2012

What to do. Tak tahu.

Soon, school day will resume back as usual. My daily routine will be busy, super busy I guess. No more lazy lying on the bed with Syafiyah. Aiman dah tadika. Kakak Wani and Kakak Wina kat Primary school. Oh, there will be only me and Syafiyah at home. Sunyi. Me and Cp still havent decided on how to fetch them from school. A small second car maybe. I dont think I have the guts to drive cik E. Too big and I am too scared. Atau lebih senang me jalan kaki all the way to school tolak Syafiyah and Aiman dalam stroller. Tak tahu. What if kalau hari hujan macam sekarang? What to do? Tak tahu.

I really miss my sister and my brother. Wish that they could be here with me. The kids missed them so much. Bila boleh jumpa? Tak tahu.

Oo, I think my eggs are ready now. So, I am off to the kitchen. Today, Im going to bake a Rainbow cake. Harap tak bantat. Sekian.