Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Grrrrrrumpy Lady

Me? Errr. No. Not that I say it's totally NOT me, but it's just 1/3 of me. The rest of me is just as sweet as you. There's not much to bla bla bla this morning. Oh. I forgot. I was trying to write 10 things i hate about myself which is me me me and what it's like and feel to be so so so grrrr grumpy.

1. I can't help it. I can be so grouchy when it comes to even small things or matters.

2. Me and myself being so fussy all the times. Makes everybody around me sooooo don't like me and become  morrrrre hate me.

3. Getting more and more greedy each and every single day. Love $$$$$$$. Love things and blings. Oh. Please help me.

4. Me being so outspoken and saucy. Meaning ~ talk first, think later. I wonder what it's like to (use my brain) think first before I say anything. Helloooooo. It's hard. I've tried it a few times but it was like forever just to mumble a few words.

5. I rarely talk to people. I yell all the time. What am I? A microphone? or a Karaoke Machine?

6. I hate this. I hate that.

7. I don't want to do this. I don't want to do that.

8. Lately, I've become more possesive than i've ever been.

9. More and  more negative thoughts.

10. Oh wait. I know. It's the P and M and S which is equals to PMS.

Huh. Such a relief! Being grumpy during PMS is a normal thing kan? I need some nap. Maybe for a couple of minutes and  the max is 30 minutes. After that, I'm off to work. Mereeeepekk.  Ehh. Bila masa pulak aku kerja ni. Eh tak. Maksud aku lepas tiduq sekejap, kena buat kerja rumah sampai settle ke bab masak memasak sebab pukul 12 nak pi amik Wina. Wani? Oh. Wani cuti hari ni. Aku yang suruh cuti sesuka hati sebab aku tengok dia macam tak sihat saja. Ok tata. Nak jenguk Aiman dan lepas tu ZZzz sekali sekejap. Betul. Aku tak tipu. Memang betul lah aku ZZZZzzz sekejap saja kalau waktu siang. HahahahahahihihihihihHuhuhuhuhu. Good Mo Nite.

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