Monday, August 30, 2010

Serba Tak Kena

Bought a fricking baju kurung moden which I thought I was going to wear it on Hari Raya, but it seems like the fricking baju doesnt fit me anymore!!!!

Bought a fricking heels which I thought I was going to wear it also on Hari Raya, but due to my swelling feet, the fricking heels will surely gonna make my feet hurt so much since on Hari Raya mestilah akan ada banyak aktiviti berjalan jalan dan ziarah menziarahi. Grrrr!!!!!

I've gained a few kilos but that doesn't bother me much. I'm a sloppy mommy 24 / 7 but that doesn't seem to bother my CP pun. He understood. I just want to get rid of this 'seasonal' sickness!!!!!!!! Please...... please....... cepatlah hilang..Ok. Dah. Cukup. Tata.

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