Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My best Friend.

Hello blog,
How are you? Me? Oh, I am not feeling well and I am not feeling good. Oh, no no no no. I do not have any issues. I am just a little bit tired. But I have had enough. Trying to rationalize something that is not rational at all is a freaking wasting time. No, I am not wasting time on it. My chores are way more important than that.

Yes. I am a Stay At Home Mom and I am NOT a Work At Home Mom or a Working Mom. But please remember this. I AM NOT STUPID. Making mistakes, realizing it and trying hard not to  make the same mistakes again is a good thing to do. Everybody makes mistake. I do. We all do. Its OK. Its OK. As long as there is a willingness to change, its OK. Its OK. Forgive and forget doesn't make you weak, it makes you strong. That mean your heart is strong. I hope and I wish that my heart is a Super Heart.

Kadang kadang bila tersesat jalan, kita boleh cari sendiri dan jumpa jalan pulang. But sometimes, you need a friend that will pull you through all the way and get you on the right track. Kawan yang baik le. Bukan kawan yang ajak pi buat maksiat.

So to you dear friend, I love you. You are my friend. My best friend. The only best friend that I have ever had. But now, I am lost.

Only time will heal. Only time will tell.

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