Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My countless wrinkles journey.

Hello blog,
Its cloudy outside. Kakak baby dan baby are still sleeping. Luckily Cp left his broadband today. Looking back, I hardly cannot believed that 11 years have passed since the day we got married.Our kids, my oh my have already grown up. Che Wani just got taller and taller everyday and she is just a few inches from me when we stand together. She got that from Cp. Haha. Shes now entering 'fasa remaja'. Hope me and Cp are ready with all the answers that she needs.

Che Wina is always the sweetest. She certainly knows how, when and what to speak with everybody. Suka sangat membaca sampai buat apa pun mesti ada buku. She knows what she wants and i know that shes a very determined person.

Abang Aiman. Sangat particulars and cerewet mewet when it comes to his hair. No rambut pacak. Rambut mesti sikat rapi. Boleh mengamuk dan menangis hanya sebab  rambut. Suka kemas. Tak payah bagitahu suruh kemas katil sebelum ke sekolah pun. All I can say is that he is so organized. Ikut siapa ntah. Hehehehe.

Cik Syafiyah the Kakak Baby. Suka bercakap potpet potpet dan mengajuk semua orang dalam rumah. Tapi nahas kalau cuba ajuk dia balik. A bit grumpy just like ehem ehem, no no no not me.

The youngest, Baby Amin. I dont know yet how he will be, how he'll behave, what does he likes or didnt like. Tengoklah nanti. Lima orang anak. pasti ada lebih dari lima ragam dan kerenah. 

My dear Cp,
Alhamdulillah, I never thought we have come this far despite of all the challenges and turbulence along the way. I never dream of being a stay at home when we got hitched, I thought I was born to be a successful (sangatlah) career women. I never thought that we will have 5 lovely kids although long long time ago we used to say that ideal is 3. All my dreams changed its direction when I am with you.
I never thought that i can love you like this. I never thought I will but you did it. Errr, whats your secret? Hahahaha.

 P/s: Bulan birthday ni. Tu pasai suka flashback. It reminds me of how far I have come and how time flies. I hope I am getting wiser as much as the countless wrinkles I have on my face. Hahahah.

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