Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not too young and not too old to crack a joke.

But now, I am serious.

Ooo hello blog,

Half Che Wina, CP and Perempuan Garang Lemah Lembut.

Selamat pagi. Yesterday, I am 34. Dah tua dah. I do get wishes and doa from my loved ones (hey, I am not alone ok), and for that, THANK YOU darls.

As always, I am not a fan of Husband Wife You Liked Me, I Liked You or posting on each other timelines how much we love each other in Facebook which can be read by others sebab kami pemalu (ececeh). That is so not US. In fact, I rarely likes his post or what he shares. But recently, something happened and we changed our mind.

So, I just want to let YOU know that I enjoyed the movie, it was fun though ada sikit sikit aksi roller coaster yang mendebarkan, but overall I really want YOU to STOP.  Its not the type of movie that I wanted to watch twice. Thank you.

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