Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pregnancy : 22 weeks

Ok. I am at 22 weeks now. There's been lots of kicking in there and pain, especially on my right leg. Please be good Little One. Though I haven't met you, I knew I loved you. Cp has not finalized yet my listings, so Im gonna have to wait till he agree with all the things that I have included in the lists.

Cik Syafiyah still have that awkward look on her face everytime I told her to rub my tummy. I told her that there is a baby inside my tummy. Instead of doing what I told her to do, she ask me for milk! milk! milk! Hadoi.

Musim panas sekarang. Hopefully, there will no coughing, sneezing, or fever in the house. Wani is doing just fine at this moment. No sign of asthma, but she still need to use her Seretide twice daily for preventive measures. Syafiyah,Wina and Aiman pun masih segar and harap semua sihat sihat saja. InshaAllah. Ok. Kerja domestik menunggu. Sekian .

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