Monday, June 6, 2011

Cara merehatkan badan dan mengaktifkan mata

Been spending my time watching videos from youtube for some tips and tricks. Bukan nak buat magic la. Learning how to wear my hijab dengan elok dan tidak serabut serebeh. I love shawls. I have loads of shawls. But I'm having some troubles on how to style it. Aku bukan kreatif sangat pun. Finally, I found this video tutorial, I mean lots of video tutorial from amenakin. You can check her out at this link. Her style is so simple and easy breezy. Tapi ada jugaklah yang tak simple and pening aku tengok but you can always choose which style suits you best. And remember, pakai tudung is as easy as ABC but as a Muslim, make sure that you cover up what should be covered. Tata.

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