Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mata Penat Mahu Mengamuk

Today I've been doing lots of surfing and google-ing just to find a pair of Kesatria Baja Hitam. I've been longing for the Baja Hitam sudah lama. Tengok Sha pakai nampak lawa. Hate to say this but I think online shopping for a pair of sunglasses memang tak berbaloi. So tired and damn I'm sooo frustrated. I cannot try and test it whether it's suitable with me or not. hhhmmmm Today.. Today = 'Not in the Mood' day. Google-ing the net just for nothing. Mahu tidurr. Kecewa...


  1. I pon against online shopping sbb sure x puas hati.. Tunggu u come and spend holiday here baru ah kite berpoya², eh ooppss shopping sakan!

  2. mari kita bershopping sakan sampai pengsan...hahaha