Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quel est votre problème?

What is your problem? Dah clearly stated that the blog is personal and just for this or that person to express their thought and feeling. So what? If you don't like it or if this or that person's blog does not meet your Very Highly Astounding Superb Writing Level, so what? Come on. Some people blog about serious things, some are so into political thingy, some enjoy writing about gossips, some other people will blog about fashion and bla bla bla bla. Don't hate them cause they ain't you or share the same passion with you. Ni apply untuk perkara yang elok sajalah. Tapi kalau dalam blog dok tayang berpeluk sakan sana sini bukan muhrim and banyak gila benda benda kotor, lucah dan sakit mata, aku pun bleh sakit jiwa. Say tak Nak To Blog Gay dan Pondan dan Seks Bebas.

Life is so full of colours. Tapi janganlah pulak u follow and blogged about benda benda lucah dan tak bermoral serta ajak buat benda tak elok. Haram tetap haram. Contoh macam pergi cerita dalam blog pasal perangai songsang dan kesukaan membuat maksiat. Janganla wei. For me,as long as it does not involved benda benda yang haram, mengajak orang buat dosa dan maksiat serta berbaur lucah, it's ok with me. I'm fine with it. Lagipun, aku pun selalu jugak merepek merapu dalam blog ni. Tapi sorry ya. I am a Muslim and  I know my limit.

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